Houston Remains A Crazy Seller’s Market

               Nearly 75 million Americans have been fully vaccinated as of today, which is 22% of the population, and while we appear more people seem to be getting out and going to work again, as well as going to restaurants and the gym, we are not yet back to normal....

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Freezing Temperatures Don’t Cool the Housing Market

The Houston housing market is still hot despite the recent freezing temperatures that created havoc in our city! Low inventory and the need for more space, continues to drive home sales and give Sellers the advantage to push prices upward. Hang onto your seats though because this market changes as...

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Inventory Levels at All-Time Low

Where have all the houses gone? Coming off a record year of home sales in 2020, the inventory of homes for sale has dropped to 1.9 months of inventory, the lowest levels we have seen in 25 years. Today, when I look on HAR, there are only 235 homes for...

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A New Energy Realty in 2021!

2020 was a crazy year to say the least, but I also think it was a year of reflection. For many of us, our work lives and personal lives were turned upside down as we were forced to work and live at home more than ever, but we did find...

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Road to 2021

We are in the final month of 2020, and I have never been so happy to see a year come to an end! For the most part, 2020 was a great year for home sales, but it has been a year filled with anxiety and so many ups and downs...

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Home Sales Remain Strong Despite the Elections

Temperatures are cooling in Houston, but the political environment is heating up as we prepare for the most contentious presidential election in over a century. Real estate sales typically cool during the fall by 9.8 %, according to a study by BTIG, a research and analysis company, and during an...

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Owner broker of Energy Realty Sherry Campbell register to vote reminder

Register To Vote!

As we head into the fall, headlines have slowed down the focus on COVID-19 and we are now  focused on the upcoming Presidential election. Typically during an election year we see the housing market slow over the uncertainty of who will take office and how will it affect the economy....

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Owner broker of Energy Realty Sherry Campbell housing market remains hot in August

Housing Market Remains Hot into August

August is typically a huge vacation month in Houston as temperatures soar and residents leave the city for a final break before the start of school, but these are not normal times. People are still reluctant to fly or travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, so most are not venturing far...

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Owner broker of Energy Realty Sherry Campbell home sales surge in Houston

Home Sales Surge with the Pandemic in Houston

Happy Independence Day America! The 4th of July is symbolic of so many things, including the middle of summer and summertime activities.  I have so many great memories of large gatherings on the 4th of July and sitting on a lawn with a crowd of people watching the fireworks, but...

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Owner broker of Energy Realty Sherry Campbell Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter x All Lives Matter

Tomorrow George Floyd’s body will be laid to rest in Houston, but the United States cannot rest until we unite together as a nation and demand change-we must stand together and stop senseless killings and racism once and for all. The founding principles of America are Equality- The First Principle is...

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