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Whether you are looking for an apartment or home, our agents are equipped to assist with all your leasing needs.

The executive rental employee typically looks for a home in a nice neighborhood with a swimming pool, and because of the increased demand on rentals in the last 2 years, there has been a shortage of executive rentals. We network with other relocation Realtors to acquire rental properties before they go on the market so we can place our clients in the best homes.


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Real Views: By Sherry Campbell

This month I have to get on my soap box and ask, what has happened to customer service in this country? What happened to the days of calling a company and someone actually answers the phone? Why do we spend 15 minutes pressing buttons and sometimes waiting on hold for


I really enjoyed working wih Sherry. She was great and got me what I really wanted. Wonderful personality and very professional.

Nadia Navab


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